Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet 16

This weekend my brother turns 16 years old. To celebrate my mom is throwing a party just for the family. This is, I'm sure, exactly what any 16 year old boy wants. Especially since my family 'parties' generally involve sitting around and drinking (which he can't do, and let's face it, it's mostly me drinking), staring at each other awkwardly, and watching sports (which he and I both hate). Woo. Party.

To add to the awkwardness I am taking Texas home with me. I have advised him that it's really prudent to just be drunk the entire time. I am in no way exaggerating. I plan on getting him liquored up at the airport and any time he seems to be sober, I will forcibly pour scotch down his throat. Am I am awesome girlfriend or what?

Side note - I will write more about him after I get permission. He knows about this here little blog but I don't want to write anything without clearance. Just know he's awesome. And about to be drunker than he's ever been in his life. Wish me luck.

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gamerbri said...

drink drink drink drink, I think I am making my point here. LOL