Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Very, very early in the morning I fly westward to Oahu. There I will hopefully swim with dolphins, parasail and have some damn fun. I will hopefully not get a sunburn and to work against this my suitcase is roughly 90% sun block. Ah Polish skin, it does not fair well in the sun.

I'll be back late Monday night with, fingers crossed, many stories. Hopefully none of those involve me face planting into a tree a la Costa Rica. Face planting into a cute local boy, however? Sign. Me. Up.


Chuck said...

Have a good trip, ODD. I hope you have a TON of fun.


Anonymous said...

Also a proud owner of Polish skin. Went to Hawaii and got BAKED beyond recognition, even my toes. Be careful and have a blast!

gamerbri said...

Have fun wish I was there myself. Enjoy the booze and boys.

Deanna said...

Bon voyage! Wish I was in your suitcase too. Make sure you hit the tops of those feet with lotion too!