Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Only in LA

Sweet mother of Christ I had one of the best dinners last night. It was Sera's last night in LA and we were walking to a diner. On our way we passed a couple of super fancy restaurants. Cut to us running back to my apartment, throwing on heels and going to one of the top restaurants in town.



Worth it.

Seriously, y'all it was one of the best meals I've ever had. And the ex was a foodie so I've been some places. This surpassed all of them, except one. But, I digress.

So there Sera and I sit, drinking our wine and eagerly awaiting our expensive entrees when we hear a giant thump. That thump? Chick passing out and hitting the wall. It seems that in order to fit into her teeny tiny wee little dress she hadn't eaten for a FEW DAYS. And decided to start with wine. The wait staff rushed over and literally had to drag her to the bar where 2 ambulances would eventually race to pick her up. The restaurant fell into a hush for approximately 18 seconds and then went right back to eating as a small little woman was DRAGGED ACROSS THE FLOOR.

It was GENIUS. And would of course, only happen in LA. Sometimes it's fun to live in a circus.

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