Monday, June 22, 2009

Oy, Seriously, Oy

So yesterday my uncle and I met up for breakfast. Because nothing says family fun time like 8AM pancakes on a Sunday. After eating he decided it would be a good idea to call my grandpa together and wish him a happy father's day. The conversation went like this:

Him: You've been traveling a lot lately, huh?

Me: Oh yeah, had a few friends get married so I went to all the weddings.

Him: Never your wedding though, huh? Nope, nope, never yours.

And this is why I drink.

After this conversation I had to head to work because well, the world is trying to eat me. I worked for 5 hours then went to Liz's house. Upon walking in I promptly burst into tears. Being my friend is a wonderful, wonderful thing. However, after hanging out with the gay show cat and eating a calzone as big as my head, I calmed down a bit. So then we drew with sidewalk chalk and blew bubbles as it seemed logical at the time. Let me just say, I love sidewalk chalk. Lots and lots even. I also love eating Raisinettes for dinner.

I'm a mature adult.

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Auglaise said...

Sidewalk chalk is, and will forever be excellent.

As far as dinners go, I remember sitting in my flat, having popcorn and drinking beer for dinner, and thinking 'This is not exactly how I thought it would go.' I think that calzone and Raisinettes are a better option!