Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Road... Again

So, I've been in town for like a week and a half, ergo, it's time to leave again. Yes, tomorrow I head to Vegas for a work event. I'll be there, ahem, 'working', until Sunday. By 'working' I of course mean trying to get all work items done in as little time as possible so that I can then maximize pool time. We also plan to start every day with mimosas.

I think all working days should be like this.

Previously I've only spent 2.5 days in Vegas at a stretch. And we all remember what happened last time (me running down a hallway, shirt backwards, at 5AM) so who knows what the additional day will bring? However, I'll be surrounded by coworkers so methinks I should attempt to keep my clothes on. Perhaps. Maybe.

Well, I'll at least consider it.



gamerbri said...

Keeping cloths on in vegas is so overrated. Just let them fall where they will.

Queen Lindsay said...

Vegas? So jealous. I would love to have a little get away from Hell every once in awhile. lol :)

Bailey said...
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