Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I'm Back

Egads, this week has tried to eat me alive. Technically I have been back since Monday night but I have been buried under a mound of work and DayQuil from the moment I've landed. Soon there will be a proper post but until then... Hawaii: A Recap

- In Hawaii I lost my mind. I decided that I, girl who is afraid of her own shadow, would be fine cliff diving and parasailing.

- Apparently the people on the boat whilst I was 500 feet up in the air could hear me screaming. Per the boat captain he'd never heard anything like it.

- After climbing cliff to jump off of I stood there for 30 minutes, shaking. The girl next to me was also shaking but was also insanely annoying. I couldn't take it anymore so I jumped. Thanks annoying girl!

- Mai tais are amazing. Especially when served in pineapples.

- I swam with dolphins and one kissed my cheek. This was as much action as I got in Hawaii. I am so ok with that.

- On the plane ride there I sat next to honeymooners who essentially dry humped for 6 hours.

- On the plane ride there, I drank even though it was 6AM.

- Driving a convertible down the coast of Oahu whilst blasting classic rock will now be one of my favorite memories of all time. It was wonderful and so worth the extra cost of the car.

- My friends got married and it was fantastic. We got to scream Bonzai at the bride and groom. This was also a highlight of my trip and should totally be included in every wedding.

This was the view from my hotel room:

Any questions as to why I would like to go back immediately? Yeah... didn't think so.


Chuck said...

Welcome back. It is my dream to get to Hawaii sometime. I have a passion for history and I will see the U.S.S. Arizona memorial. Someday.

I'm glad you had a good time and didn't get fried.


Becky said...

So jealous! I went to Hawaii when I was 12 with my dad. I have longed to go back ever since...

Bellacantare said...

Eww on the dry humpers.

Driving down the coast, enjoying life and having your own personal rock concert - Awesome!

Welcome home.