Monday, June 01, 2009

The Weekend: A Recap

Sera is in town. This means that we drank a lot.

- On Friday we went to an art exhibition. If you were wondering where all the hipsters were, well, they were with us. I think the streets of Silverlake must have been empty as all the vespas and ironic scarves were with me in West LA. In front of me in line for the bathroom were two of the worst examples of plastic surgery I had seen in a long, long time. Their faces simply didn't move. They were both discussing things that various men around Los Angeles had bought them recently (a Rolex, a new phone, etc) and it made my brain boil. Thank God the line moved so they could go do some blow in the stall before I could punch them in the ovaries or cry. These chicks, one of which has no original bones left in her face and looks like a lion, have men climbing all over them. Perhaps I should get 8 pounds of silicone injected into my face?

- After we could no longer take the hipsters we escaped to a pub. In the pub there was a hipster passed out. His friends encouraged us to climb on him and take pictures. We did. These pictures make me happy.

- Saturday we went bar hopping. One of the bars was full of 22 year olds. When one of them hugged me and tried to hit on me I called him a puppy. He took offense to this. Odd, really. After that we ended up in a place that was supposed to be punk but was really not. Unless LA's version of punk means skinny jeans and Uggs paired with leggings. We instead played video games, for roughly 4 hours. Underneath the video game system was a fountain so every time you moved your foot ended up in water. We walked out of there with very damp feet.

- Yesterday I finally joined the human race and saw Star Trek. It was amazing, seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, go see it. Totally worth it.


Chuck said...

It has always mystified me how people like Janice Dickinson look in a mirror and think they look good. I can't stand the "I've just been punched in the mouth, don't I look hot" look. I blame Angelina Jolie. Everyone thinks that getting their lips pumped up to look like some sort of Macy's Parade balloon will get Brad Pitt to want them.

Perhaps what the women in front of you meant by "bought me a Rolex, new phone" meant was that they were paid for renting out their chests as Bouncy Castles for the guys children. Eh?

Guys generally don't like to be called puppies. Unless you agree to pet them and rub their tummys, then maybe. : ) I like to be swatted on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, but that's just me.

Say Hi to Consulting Girl for me, too. I miss her blog.


Dimplz said...

Star Trek = awesome. I have never seen the show or the other films but I loved it.