Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun Facts

- I have the song "Every Time You Go Away (You Take a Piece of Me with You)" stuck in my head. This is not due to a boy, but due to a sing along held in a car yesterday while driving back from a meeting. Let's just say, I rocked the house. Also according to another person in the car when I go for the high notes I sound like a dying goat. I take offense to that, I think it's more of an injured sheep.

- I am obsessed with cardigans. So much so that I spent a good hour today looking at them online. Mostly because yesterday it was 62 degrees and today it's 80. Fall was fun while it lasted for those wonderful 48 hours.

- I am having a bad hair day and thus am wearing a jaunty hat. My head is incredibly warm.

- For 15 minutes today I thought it was Friday. I walked around whistling and smiling at people. Then I realized it was Thursday and thus pouted. Maturity is over rated.

- Yesterday was a shockingly horrible no good very bad day. But, America's Next Top Model was on and I had on my penguin slippers so it ended on a good note. Also, I had ice cream for dinner as again, clearly I'm a responsible adult.

- I had a drinks date tonight but it got canceled. I can not tell you how overjoyed I am about this. Have I not mentioned the oh so comfy slippers? Seriously. How over going out do you have to be to reach that level? BECAUSE I AM THERE. I like my house. A lot. I don't spend nearly enough time there. This will be rectified tonight by a classic session of 'sitting around in my underpants and doing absolutely nothing'. Life. Is. Good.

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Chuck said...

LOL. It's 62 degrees in my house. I've yet to turn on the heat because i'm a cheap, I mean thrifty!! Screw the fact that it has gotten down to 25 degrees outside, NO HEAT UNTIL NOVEMBER!!

On the bright side, no H1N1 can live in my house as it's too cold and it's a good way to get my cats to snuggle with me.

Sitting around in underpants sounds wonderful... If it wasn't 62 degrees in my house, that is.