Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How I Spend My Time

So thinks have a been a bit, well, bad in the land of me lately. I have been mopey and depressed. It's super awesome, I assure you. As such, I have been spending a lot of time alone. In this alone time I wandered through my local Target when I discovered something wonderful, something that would life my spirts.

I found pet Halloween costumes.

Internet, I dressed my cat up like a chicken. He really, really hated it. I did not. I tried to dress my other cat up like a pumpkin but sadly his giant size meant the pumpkin hat did not fit. There was great disappointment in the Meghan land, but then I took another picture of my chicken cat and giggled evilly to myself.

And this is how I amuse myself. It really and truly is a wonder I'm single.

Here's a different angle. In this one you can actually feel the shame.


Chuck said...

Yes, cat costumes are the best. I put a lady bug costume on my cats and, though they didn't like it, I found it hilarious.

Here are their pix of shame...




I hope you enjoy their shame as much as I did.


Online Dating Girl said...

Ok, those were awesome. Seriously, there is nothing funnier than an angry cat.