Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Weekend: A Recap

Dudes, my weekend was most awesome. Seriously, way beyond expectations which is hard as I set the bar crazy out of reach high. Perhaps this is why I'm single? Eh, whatever.

So on Friday night Ms. Liz came over and we carved of the pumpkins. Generally this entails me making 2 triangle eyes and giving up. However, as Liz is what some would call 'crafty' and I would refer to as 'dear sweet christ, you made your whole apartment out of yarn somehow' she brought over wood carving tools. Only two minor injuries later and I made of the best jack-o-lantern ever. Please meet my new boy, Chunk.

He's special.

Liz's pumpkin was, well, better than mine. And yours. And every pumpkin ever.

Moral: Don't fuck with Liz and her wood carving tools. Also, those things are sharp. Ouch.

On Saturday Ava and I headed up to Morro Bay. We kayaked. We drank wine. We stayed in a glitter hotel room. Oh yes... the room we were assigned at the Madonna Inn was covered in purple glitter. It was amazing. Oh, and haunted. Our TV would randomly turn on and at ever increasing volume levels. Most people would have unplugged the TV and/or hired and exorcist. We thought of neither of these things and instead went out to dinner and giggled about the fact that Liberace was clearly haunting our most tacky surroundings.

Don't believe me? Please enjoy this photo of our bathroom.

Take it all in folks. Now imagine that in person when you are shall we say, a smidgen buzzed. Hilarity ensues. There were photo shoots and general prancing about in the hotel provided pink robes. Oh and these slippers:

Because yeah, I bought those. You see at first I made fun of them. And then? Then I touched them. They are, no joke, the softest thing in the history of the universe. so I of course bought them and made sweet, sweet love to them. Or you know, insisted on wearing them at all times.

After a long night of laughing, slippers and wine we slept briefly in the Haunted Hotel Room of Doom and then headed to Hearst Castle. It's pretty. The end. Seriously, no exciting stories out of the castle other than tours apparently turn me in to a petulant 13 year old boy who will stand around with hands shoved in pockets grumbling about not being able to touch stuff. Because I'm mature AND awesome. You should check it out though as again, pretty. Who doesn't enjoy endless rooms of shiny stuff? (Just don't drag me along unless you want to hear someone whining)

I have no real way to end this post other than to say, man, I needed this weekend. It was wonderful and full of laughter and love and stories of Adam. Enjoy more pictures:

Morro Bay rock as seen from breakfast

Inside the Hearst movie theater

Lamps by the pool

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Chuck said...

Cool pumpkins. I'm glad you were able to celebrate Adam's life with one of his (now yours, too) close friends.