Friday, October 09, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend I am dragging a friend kayaking with me. You see about a month back I created a life list inspired by Maggie. And number 49 on that list is 'Stay at the Madonna Inn'. For no other reason than A) it looks awesome with it's hilarious, individually decorated rooms and B) it's a former whorehouse. Ergo, we are going kayaking and staying at the Inn. Sadly, we were not assigned to the Cave Man room.

However, the reason for this trip is not solely so I can cross the item off the list. But also, this Saturday would have been my dear friend Adam's birthday. As I picked my friend (let's call her Ava) up at his memorial service (they were friends and I had for some reason never met her, but liked her immediately and was drawn to her ability to knock back martinis) we felt it was appropriate to spend this day together. At a former whorehouse. Which I think would make Adam smile.

So here's to checking another item off the list, staying in a room decorated like Mardi Gras and toasting to one of the best people I have ever or will ever come across. Adam, I love you. And this whorehouse is for you.

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