Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Year Ago

So we all know that I am a total hippie and do weird things like smudge my apartment and keep my acupuncturist on speed dial. Well, I also keep my astrologist's number handy at all times.

Oh yeah, soak in the level of crazy. It's awesome. And tie dyed.

So anyway, there is this wonderful thing called Saturn Returns that hits for 2 years, generally between the ages of 28 and 30. Mine hit a bit early and ended about 4 weeks ago. In it, lives are restructured, shit hits fans, people buy penguin slippers. It's nasty and fun and life altering. And per my astrologist I have the most difficult one he's ever seen in 30 years. Yay me! Can I get a cake that says that? 'Your life sucked more than most for 2 whole years!' Woo! Ponies for everyone!

But seriously y'all, it did. It was rough and I am so proud of myself for still standing. So here I am, having in theory gotten through the worst of it. This last year has forever altered me in really good ways I think. It was horrible going through it and I am still piecing myself back together, but I learned so fucking much. So much that a few minutes ago when discussing with a friend where I was a year ago, I don't even recognize that person. A year ago yesterday was the first day I 'met' Texas. A year ago today I was taking pictures of an apartment for Adam to move into when he came to LA. It is in my building and we were both so excited he could live that close. Our quote was 'It will be like Melrose Place but with less sex and more cats!'

So very much has changed in such a short period of time and I'm still gaining my footing. But, I'm still standing. Still healing and growing and changing. And that makes me happy.

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Chuck said...

And we are very proud of you, ODD. We love the person you were and love the person you are more and more every day.