Thursday, October 22, 2009

How I Spend My Time Part 2

So my company is having a contest for Halloween for most creative decorations desk/office decorations. I am thinking of building a fort around my desk. Why? BECAUSE I LIKE FORTS. And, well, they gave me an excuse to build one. As such, I have spent the last day drawing out how to accomplish this using my existing office furniture and some sheets.

Yeah. I have. Again, I use my time wisely.

I have now enlisted my two assistants. I have also declared that for the Halloween party we should dress up in pajamas because, well, I like pajamas. It also gives me an excuse as to why I'm wearing my penguin slippers in public.

My fort will also include pillows and I am trying to craft a hammock under my desk. You know, for general fort purposes (and napping). I am so in to this idea I have already decided to come in an hour early on the day off to decorate.

Nope. Not dating much these days, why do you ask?

1 comment:

Chuck said...

I think it would be exciting to have sex in a fort. Hmmm. That gives me an idea...

For Halloween, I'm dressing up in a pig nose and wings and going as "Swine Flu"