Wednesday, October 07, 2009


- This weekend I had planned on laying low and decorating. Spending time by myself and hitting the gym at least 4 times. I know, I live on the edge! Woo! Instead I was surrounded by friends the entire time and ate my weight in pasta. I also drank during the day and revived the California economy single-handedly. Reviving the economy and day drinking go hand in hand in the most spectacular way. It was awesome and I can safely say that I had much, much more fun than sitting alone and crocheting would have been.

- Lately I have been out of words. I'm not sure whats up exactly but it seems to be a plague on all of my blogging friends lately. None of us have updated at all, ever. I can assure you that when we get together we have words and don't just sit around staring at each other, blinking in Morse code, but when faced with an empty blogger screen? Nada. It's perplexing.

- On Friday after getting some interesting news about an ex I went to Liz's house with a giant bottle of amaretto. Together, with our powers combined, we drank that bottle. We then drew on her porch with sidewalk chalk. Internet, Liz, my germaphobic love rolled on the sidewalk while laughing. I felt you should know that. Also, we invented an animal that is half bear, half cougar called The Bougar. I can assure you that after many glasses of girly amaretto based drinks the word 'Bougar' is shocking fun to say. Hell, it's fun now. Bougar. Bougar. Bougar. I dare you not to say it and giggle. Also, after laughing about bougars for awhile I recommend you nap on Liz's couch for a few hours. It's quite comfortable and her tiny, tiny cat will sleep on your head.


Chris said...

It's too bad you didn't incorporate Steve Wozniak and a Segway into your magical animal.

gamerbri said...

M, i know what you mean about being at a lost for words. it's been rough lately. but glad you had a interesting weekend. do tell is there a store between redondo beach and hollywood with any booze left or are we going to have to wait for them to restock??