Monday, December 21, 2009


- So last week I worked 40 hours in 3 days when sick. This culminated in me getting a respiratory infection and being home sick. It also means I'm not allowed to drink for 2 more days. Apparently the modern medical system has never had to spend the holidays with my family. If they did they would understand that asking this of me is just not safe for mankind. As such I am leaving my family home shortly to buy a case of champagne. I will attempt to not drink it until done with my meds. BUT I'M NOT PROMISING ANYTHING. On the plus side it's only 3 more days until Liz joins me. It's fun because she's awesome, and also because my stepfather is secretly convinced she's my fancy girlfriend. Oh the fun we have.

- Before leaving LA I had to run a few errands. In doing so I saw every celebrity known to mankind. No joke. My favorite was LaToya Jackson who totally saw me recognizing her and thus pulled her bejeweled baseball cap down over her eyes. It was kind of awesome.

- My brother is girlier than I am. He owns a loofa and body wash. The body wash however smells like boy and now so do I. Seriously I smell like every boy I have ever dated. Happy holidays to me!

- I have been home for 18 hours. Thus far I have eaten 5 cookies. This is well under my average. And thus, time for breakfast.

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Chuck said...

Merry Christmas, ODD. I hope you get to drink your weight in alcohol and make out with lots of boys and girls.