Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Things I Currently Like

- The show Jersey Shore. Listen, I know there's some 'controversy' around this show and a bunch of people are all up in arms about how derogatory it is. Um... have they never been to Jersey or Long Island? These people totally already exist. All MTV did was scoop them up and put them in a house. AND IT'S AMAZING. The best part is MTV currently has (apparently) only two shows they air at the moment so it's rerun every hour. I am not ashamed to say that I have watched it 3.5 times. Oh yeah. I have.

- Streaming internet radio dedicated solely to Christmas music. Listen folks, we all know I'm a nerd. It's kind of a given. But this takes it to new unforeseen levels. Yesterday I played Christmas music all day and hosted a dance party in my office. I made a coworker dance with me as well. This may be why I'm unpopular in the office. Meh.

- Apple cider. So Starbucks has this caramel apple cider that is crack in a cup. However, they run out of it roughly every day. Apparently they get 12 ounces of apple juice delivered once a month and they just dole it out as they see fit. This is my working theory at least. Well yesterday I was the lucky recipient. When the barista told me that yes, they did have it in stock (I check daily. Obsessive for the win) I literally almost hopped over the counter and hugged her while weeping. Instead I just did that in my head and in my head? It was magical. I then drank it like a shot and was on a sugar high for the rest of the day.

- Pretty, pretty improv boys. Dudes. You don't understand. The level of attractive males in my new improv class is unheard of. Usually improv boys are nerdy and awkward which is generally my type. This class? Chock. Full. Of. Models. Like people I didn't know existed in real life pretty. And thus in class I mostly just stand around slack jawed and stare. That goes over real well in the class dedicated to making the funny. Whatever. Mama likes.


Chuck said...

Good looking AND funny? Some guys have all the luck.

Hopefully you are given the roll of playing a drooling sloth and you'll impress them. Maybe even get in some mad dry hump make out sessions, too.

I was at the dentist the other day and they had on a radio station that plays nothing but Christmas music. I wondered if anyone ever went mad listening to it and stabbed themselves in the eye with a pen... I'm guessing you wouldn't be one of them, eh?

I can only stand 2.5 seconds of Christmas music before I get irritated and pissy. Yay Christmas Spirit!


Anonymous said...

Jersey shore is now going to be my Fav show soon as Dexter is over. It's so funny me n my friends were talking about how we hope there's a season every year.

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