Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dudes, I slept 3 hours but I worked almost 20. Thus I am The. Tired. Capitals and periods intended. So, I'm not sure if this is as funny to all you awake people out there but I found it highly amusing.

I had the following conversation with a friend from improv. He had asked what I did this weekend and I told him about the helicopter tour. This was his response:

Him: Woah! Who the fuck are you dating, Scrooge McDuck? Did he have LaunchPad fire up the copter and take you on a spin?

Me: Yep. I didn't want to tell you but it is Mr. MrDuck.

Him: Did you get to see the money pool?

Me: What do you think we did after the helicopter tour?

This is why I only hang out with funny people.


Chuck said...

Sex in the money pool would be good.

Unless you got a paper cut on your tender bits, then not so much.

And the fact that so many filthy people have touched the money. I'd need to have it steam cleaned.

Then I'd have to wonder how many of the bills had been down a stippers ass crack.

And you just KNOW that he uses that money pool to engage random strangers in lewd sexual acts. I'm sure several of the bills will be sticking together.

And his nephews have probably pissed in there when they were younger. Plus, the amount of hookers they brought in there would probably make your head spin.

On second thought, I'll pass on sex in the money pool, thanks.


Summer said...

Duck Tail! Woo Hoo!

Made me laugh!

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