Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Tonight I start a new improv class. Thus, I have first day of school jitters. This morning I actually changed my outfit 3 times. Yeah. I am so not that girl and won't even go that far for dates (note to self: may be why you're single). But, I wanted to look casual and not like I just rolled out of the office as I tend to.

You see improv kids are hip. They are all either employed as actors, vintage clothes store managers or oddly, think tank employees. They all have ironic tees and attitudes that said they got laid a lot in high school. Dudes, I'm a nerd. I am decidedly not hip nor did I even hold hands with a boy in high school (fat, had bangs, it wasn't pretty). As such the day of the fist improv class I become 13 again and thus run around in tiny circles of anxiety. This will pass usually by class two when my anxiety turns to having to make the funny in front of strangers with no script.

Just to clarify, this is something I voluntarily do to myself. I have a very warped idea of fun.


Chuck said...

Good luck, ODD. I hope you made the cool kids laugh and get to sit with them at the lunch table. : )


Busco-Pareja-Ya said...

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Amor-En-Linea said...

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