Monday, December 07, 2009

Well, That Was Interesting

So on Saturday I went to a house party. The party was hosted by a boy that I have been known to make out with upon occasion. The occasion happened again mostly due to the presence of mistletoe (and alcohol). We went to his room so as not to be stared at by party goers. Roughly 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door and some random dude was looking for his girlfriend's coat. It wasn't in the make out boy's room (let's call him Pete) so Pete went to look in the hallway.

This is when drunk random dude started talking to me.

'What are you doing in here?'

'We were discussing world politics. Afghanistan mostly.'

(pause) 'No. Really.'

'I was tired. Parties make me sleepy. Nap time!'

(long pause) 'Seriously?'

'Yep. That's what Pete and I were doing. Napping.'

It was then that Pete's brother (Let's call him Hal) came in to help search for the coat. Note that I am still laying on Pete's bed, shoeless. Hal was looking in the closet while the drunk stranger kept questioning me and my presence in the room. I kept making jokes and stood up to put on my shoes, obviously uncomfortable at this point.

Hal then turned to the drunk guy and said: 'Why are you harassing the girl on my brother's bed?'

Drunk guy shrugged and turned back to me. Hal then said 'Ok, time to get out. Party is over.' Drunk guy: 'Seriously? I was just getting started.' Hal: 'Yep, get the fuck out, party's over. Seriously. Get the fuck out of my house.'

It was then they left the room and I stood and put on my shoes. I walked out to the living room and sat with Ava right next to the front door which was open. We decided we should head home as it was almost 4AM. It was then that I looked outside and there was Hal BLEEDING FROM THE EYE. Let me repeat that, blood, coming out of his face, specifically from his motherfucking EYE. Yeah.

Then there was chaos and running around in small circles (me) and applying a towel to his face. There was also a call to the cops as they chased down random drunk guy who had taken off in his car after the apparent street brawl. And then we went home.

Hal had 4 stitches and has to wear an eye patch. Happy holidays?

Apparently I really am trouble. And can now cause bleeding from the face.


gamerbri said...

wow, you really were trouble.. but you should look at it this way. You looking so hot you caused a brawl to break out.

Becky said...

Sounds to me like you should be making out with "Hal" who defended your honor! GO HAL! Sorry Pete.

Chuck said...

Wow. Three guys after you in one night. Good for you, ODD.

Pretty girls have all the fun!


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