Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tasty, Tasty Weekend

The boy was out of town last night so I decided to have a girl's night in. Meaning, I sat around in my pajamas, watched a Gilmore Girls marathon and read a book. The book I am reading is called Eat, Pray, Love and if you have a uterus you'll love it. The first portion of the book takes place in Italy which made me miss Rome something awful. I loved Rome. Living in Rome was the happiest I think I have ever been. I remember once crying when I walked through my neighborhood because I was just so damn happy. Yeah, I'm that girl.

Anyway, reading this book made me hungry. And damnit, if this chick can spend four months eating nothing but pizza, pasta and gelatto (I've been there sister, it was awesome) then I am entitled to make myself some Rice Krispie treats. And eat the whole pan. I only got through half the pan last night before I started to get the food sweats, but don't worry, I finished the rest for breakfast. Because A) I'm classy and B) Rice Krispies are totally a breakfast food.

Tomorrow I am headed to the LA County Fair with some friends. While there I plan on hitting the Tilt-A-Whirl like it's going out of style and consumming a large amount of fried dough products.

The diet is going REALLY well, why do you ask?

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Mel said...

i totally had a rice krispie treat today at lunch. but only one. it would have looked odd to buy the whole display case at Which Witch....