Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas in LA

The heater in my apartment hasn't been working. (As it's a freezing 45 degrees outside (please note, that was heavy sarcasm) I need heat. My once New York-i-fied thick skin has melted away and now I need a sweater if it's in the 60's. Ergo, I have been living under roughly 25 blankets when I am at home. It will be this 'cold' for maybe another few weeks and then it will be 70 and people will be wearing mini skirts with Uggs and my soul will die a little. But I digress...)My landlord gave me a dude to call and we set up an appointment for 9 AM. I woke up, got out of the shower and the doorbell rang. I had a brief moment of panic thinking I had possibly fallen asleep while in the shower then I noticed the clock. In what world is 8:32 actually 9AM? When I said, in surprise 'you're early' he looked at me like I was crazy and said 'it's almost 9!' and then walked past me and fixed the heater. This is the second handyman that has seen me in a robe in about 2 months. They should be really grateful that I dress like a Puritan and own 4 robes that cover 99.9% of me. Needless to say, it was an interesting start to my day.

Last night was my company holiday party. I drank far too much, danced and people watched. At the party were a handful of reality stars, a rapper of some notoriety and a 7 foot tall transexual. Seriously. And now you know why I live in LA, because where in the hell could you possibly find that mix? Oh and she was wearing 5 inch leopard platform shoes. I now know what I am getting my mom for Christmas.

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