Thursday, December 13, 2007

You Will Be Shocked

A co worker of mine is sick. Because someone in a 10 foot radius of me sick, and sitting next to me in a conference room, I am sick. I know, you're shocked because I am NEVER sick. Apparently it's been a'brewin' for awhile though as I have a bronchial infection.

Whee! Viva le holidays! Someone punch me in the face!

I swear to Christ one day I will strangle a doctor into telling me why if someone sneezes in Uruguay I get sick. Then I will make said doctor fix it. Then I will do a jig of glee. Excuse me though why I go cough out one of my lungs and bemoan my state. I am chock full of rainbows and joy.

1 comment:

liz said...

sick people who report for work should be shot on sight. no exceptions.