Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ready For This Year To Be Over

I am not big on New Years Eve, thinking it an overhyped holiday with expectations that can never be met. That being said, I am decidedly ready for 2007 to be ushered the fuck out. 2007 has sucked beyond belief for many reasons which I have already listed and bitched about on this here little blog. I was thinking about this last night when I was scooping up my purse to run and grab a burger with a friend. As I lifted my purse from my 2 month old couch I noticed something. Something wet. My cats had welcomed me home by peeing on my couch. I would like the going to the bathroom on furniture trend to end with 2007 please. And I would like to door to hit 2007 squarely on the ass upon exit.

Now I am off to clean my couch. Again. My life is awesome.

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