Monday, December 17, 2007

A Few Notes on TV

As I have made a permenant ass imprint on my couch due to Bronchial Death Flu 2008, I have watched a fair bit (96 hours worth) of TV. A few notes:

1) While I love my ANTM marathons more than most, what did MTV do before this show? Something with music perhaps? No, that can't be it. But MTV has become ANTM central and I have no rewatched cycles 3, 5 & 9. In the past 48 hours. Do I know how to party or do I know how to PAR-TAY?

2) Who greenlit the sequel to The Prince and Me? And why is it being shown on TV? And more importantly, why dear god why did I watch the whole thing?

3) The Price is Right is weird without Bob. There. I said it.

In addition to these wonderful things I have read the entirety of the internet. I am done now. I haven't left my apartment since Thursday. I am about 2 hours away from thinking the people in the little box are talking directly to me. Ok, that's harsh, more like 3 hours.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

We are talking to you, Dear. No go make yourself a Hot Toddy and double the alacarmahol content. Then come back and join us. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next contestant on "The Price is Right".....