Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Cure

Today I feel better, roughly 85% healthy. I have discovered a cure, get a pencil and write it down. Lay around for 4 days watching tv and bemoaning state as a human being, then take cough syrup and an ambien. Sleep for 12 hours. Repeat as necessary.

As such, today I not only left my house I went to work. While there we all compared symptoms and war stories. Even the company president poked his head in the office and said 'I lost 6 pounds, totally worth it!'. Our entire department was out sick on Monday all save one guy, who I called my I Am Legend warrior. He held the ship together and after we all came back in collapsed. Poor dude is so sick now. He contends he'll feel better tomorrow, we all shake out heads and say, wait until 3 AM tonight when you can't breathe and we'll discuss.

Also at work today someone mentioned that they would be coming into the office the day after Christmas and could we schedule a meeting? After I finished laughing I let him know, sure, as long as he doesn't mind that I am in pajamas, in a different state and when I am awake I have a mouth full of cookies.

T minus 2 days until I hightail it out of implants-ville and to a land full of bad tv and family.

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