Friday, December 14, 2007

Not Breathing and Other Fun Items

The problem with a bronchial infection is this: it makes it difficult to breathe. This is especially problematic as I am human and require oxygen to you know, live, and mock others. When you are sick, all you want to do is sleep. However, it's difficult to sleep without breathing. In fact, not breathing will keep you up all night. Ergo I found the one position wherein I could breathe somewhat regularly, said thanks I know yoga, and stared at my ceiling until daybreak. Then I got out of bed and attempted to go to work.

By 'attempted to go to work' I mean the following: I got out of the bed and into the shower. Upon having to turn on said shower I got winded and realized I wouldn't do much good in an office where they require me to move around and do thing other than make guttural noises and point. I then decided it was time to work from home. A most embarrassing thing happened 6 hours after this decision. I was on a call with a coworker when I coughed and somehow knocked out my voice. I just squeaked. Co worker said "are you there??!?' and I said 'squeak'. At which point he instructed me to tap on the phone if I was alive and ok, which I did. Then we decided to move our conversation to IM. I'm a winner.

Between emails and conference calls (and conference IMs) I decided to read an uplifting book. As I have read everything in my house more than once I have one book unread: Less than Zero. A holiday tale sure to pick up the spirits of anyone. A few hours after finishing I was able to extract myself from slowly rocking in the corner while weeping and drink some orange juice.

All in all, a highly productive day.

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gamerbri said...

OH my are you sure you shouldn't be under a doctors care? Or at the very least under the watchful eye of an armed guard. Just an ideal to keep others safe. LOL