Sunday, June 15, 2008


This weekend? Awesome. That's all I can say really and I keep repeating it. Loudly.

On Friday I had my birthday party that was attended by incredibly amazing friends whom I love dearly. We drank too much wine and ate too many french fries and I slept about 2 hours, but? Totally worth it. Sure, yesterday I could barely function as a human being but I would do it all again.

Yesterday a few friends and I went to a Journey and Queen tribute band concert. Concerts are not as fun when intensely hung over, BUT, there is amazing people watching at a Journey tribute concert held in Long Beach. You would be amazed at the diversity of people who really enjoy singing along loudly to Don't Stop Believin', and I think I found my people.

On that note, I have to go pack again. And try to figure out food. As when you don't really sleep for 2 days and survive solely on wine and fried items the stomach does not crave real food. Odd that.

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