Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yes, That Totally Just Happened

This weekend was good and low key as it helped me recover from my trip to glorious Minneapolis. I spent Saturday drinking at an sidewalk wine bar, eating gelato and then watching Iron Man with Liz. This was a very good time and I suggest you get yourself a day like this post haste. However, it was after this wonderful afternoon that I saw one of the most perplexing things ever. Not so much perplexing really as just Blatant Disregard For The Law In An Oblivious Fashion, a BDFTLIANOF for short, if you will.

I was leaving the Trader Joes parking garage, all content with life and my bags full of affordable food stuff. It was then that I saw an SUV weave its way into the garage. The driver caught my eye as she was drinking out of a wine glass. I thought, ok, well maybe she just likes fancy glassware? No. She chugged what was in the glass and shoved it towards the passenger who then filled the glass with wine. Let's repeat that. FILLED THE GLASS WITH WINE. From a bottle. In a moving car. Oh and the passenger? Looked around 18 or younger. Also, neither were wearing seat belts. I just needed to add that as well, I am basically tallying up the law breaking count. I was in such shock that I got about 3 miles away before I could fully process what I had seen. And it was only when I got home that I realized I should have called the cops. I would have told them to just look at the idiot in the SUV who on top of everything was probably getting shitty gas mileage.

It was at this moment that i knew for sure that I need to leave LA eventually. And remember to call 911 when seeing such blazing displays of idiocy. I have, however, promised my brother I will stay until he graduates from high school in 3 years. Perhaps he will let me bump that up when I tell him that people are driving around, drinking, in poorly designed vehicles. Perhaps he'll take pity. Until then I am off to build myself a car with giant inflatable bumpers and an iron man-esque suit. That should help protect me until I am able to flee this city.


gamerbri said...

Damn this isn't something I have ever seen before. And I have lived here all my life. I would have been just like you and just dumbfounded with it. 911 is a good choice right then.

AJ said...

I used to call 911 for bad drivers all the time. My dad told me I should stop.

Maybe it's time to get back into that.