Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today was great in a very relaxed and casual way. I had lunch with a friend followed by shopping. Then dinner with Liz and another friend wherein we ate of the pizza and drank of the wine. Back to my house for cake and some awesome presents from Ms. Liz. This my friends is how a birthday is done right. Ergo, a short post so I can bask in the glory of 28. Here are some pictures.

The cake:

When you take 28 candles out of a cake it looks bullet ridden:

New slippers courtesy of Ms. Liz which are like walking on pillows. I have dubbed them 'Spinster Sandals' but they are heaven on earth. My cats are jealous of my new love:

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gamerbri said...

well a very very happy birthday to you. Hope you have some fun and get lots of cake and wine. Enjoy all that the world gives you. Or at least try to enjoy it that is.