Monday, June 30, 2008

Not a Good Idea

First of all, thanks Blogger for deciding to work again. You're a peach.

Second, it is truly a 100% horrible idea to watch Taxi Driver at the same time you are working on a project right before bed. The work project and the themes of Taxi Driver will come together in a dream that is weird and has lots of bloodshed. Let's just say if the conference I am attending this coming weekend turns out anything like my dream, then there will be a lot of dead nerds. Although fun note, in my dream? I am basically a super hero and an excellent shot.

This weekend in LA was chock full of pretentious restaurants and shopping, just how I like it. I am just going to say that yes, I am dating again. No details yet as I am not sure what aspect of that side of my life I am willing to share again. Let's just say if you claim you are 6 feet tall, at least break 5'10. Hell, let's at least break 5'8. And try not to burp throughout the date. Yeah. Oh and boys are stupid and they hurt your heart. This can only be repaired through vodka and watching So You Think You Can Dance. At least this is the only sure fire cure I've encountered thus far. I'll let you know if I find any other combinations that work.

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gamerbri said...

Well good luck in the new dating try. And you are right it's really bad when the person you meet up with looks nothing like what they said they did.