Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Times

In re-reading that last entry I was shocked by the spelling errors and words left out. I was tempted to correct it but I enjoy the fact that it reads as though it was poorly translated from Mandarin. Last night I took of the Ambien and I slept. Oh man, did I sleep. And this? Makes me happy. Maybe now I be able to use the word 'cooperation' instead of 'corporation'. Thanks for that one Brain, you're a champ. Ah coherent thought, I missed ya.


gamerbri said...

What is funny after reading your letter to your body, I though it just showed just how tired you really were. It was perfect now get some damn sleep the weekend is coming and you need to have fun.

AJ said...

Next week, BTW, I insist on some Soup Plantation. They miss us. I sense it.