Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fan Girl

As we all know I am 29 (efff) biologically. However, my tastes in pop culture tend to lean a bit, well, prepubescent. One of the things I am addicted to is the show So You Think You Can Dance. Like very addicted.

So imagine my surprise last night as I was crossing the street on my way to dinner when I saw essentially all of the choreographers from the show sitting at a table at the restaurant I was headed to. I locked eyes with Mia Michaels and I literally froze, mid step, in a crosswalk. Because I'm awesome. I then had an internal battle that went something like this:

"do something you idiot! Like what? Pirouette, I should totally pirouette! No! Don't do that! Smile! Wave? No! Just keep walking and give them the what's up nod."

So that's what I did. But they totally knew that I totally knew who they were, because well, I had frozen like a deer for a good 30 seconds. So Mia said hi as I walked past. But because, again, I'm retarded, I didn't acknowledge it. Which made it all the more awkward when I was seated roughly 10 feet away from them.


When they left I got a cell phone pic as I am so that girl. I then promptly freaked out and emailed everyone I knew. Because I am emotionally mature.

Also, side note, Jonah Hill rode past the restaurant on a Vespa. Sometimes I love LA.


Chuck said...

In a total polar opposite outlook, I have no idea who any of these people are or why they are famous. I'm not even sure that I've heard of that show.

Don't feel bad. I'm old and out of it.


Nicole said...

Hilarious - I would've done the same thing! I'm a friend of Christina's - she sent me over to read this post because she knows how much I love this show. We watched it together recently (her first time!) and now I think she loves it, too - as she should!