Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Last night a friend and I went to a showing of The Godfather II. This is easily my favorite movie of all time and I was super pumped to see it on the big screen. Unfortunately we got our tickets a bit late and were stuck in the 3rd row. Whatever though, right?

It would have been totally ok... if we hadn't been seated in the crazy section. The dude next to us had a walker which he insisted on placing next to my friend so that we were totally blocked in. If we had to go to the bathroom we literally couldn't get by and had to catapult ourselves over the seats. If it had just been that, again, it would have been ok. But then the dude brought out a picnic. First he started with a giant container of cole slaw. Because when I think of foods that travel well when it's insanely hot outside I immediately go to the stand by of cole slaw. WTF? When that finished he brought out the mac and cheese. This is when my friend and I started trembling in anticipation for what would come next. I knew it was good when his eyes got super wide, he turned and pumped his fist in the air screaming 'SOUP!' Yes. The man brought soup. Because again, a logical portable warm weather choice.

And this is when I started laughing. It got even worse when he brought out the giant bag (yes, plastic shopping bag) full of fruit that had been marinated in booze. You could smell it, I assume, in the back row as everyone slowly turned to take a look at him. When he then fell asleep and started snoring my laughter turned into what can only be described as 'violent shaking and weeping'. And this is how The Godfather II became the greatest comedy of all time.


Chuck said...

LA (and I'm sure it's not just LA, but LA in particular) has some strange fucking people. That had to be some sort of hidden camera gag.... Soup? Seriously, WTF?


Dora said...

Only in LA!!
Now I'm just asking, cause I'm from Canada and we don't know about stuff like that, but could you have asked the manager to kick him out?