Thursday, July 09, 2009

Taco Night

Last night I headed west to meet Liz and a couple of our friends for Dollar Tacos. These are legendary in LA and the wait can sometimes be up to 2 hours. It was my first experience and I had been talking about it all week. Don't judge. I just really love tacos. And have a small, small little life.

So we get there, all jazzed up (ok, mostly me) and put our name on the list, grab a margarita and commence waiting. And hour later we're told that we are 2 away. You could feel the excitement build in our group (again, mostly me). Then... the power went out. A cheer went up in the restaurant thinking that it was hilarious and the power would come back on any second.

It did not.

Due to the fact that a large portion of a neighboring area was on fire, the power was off sporadically throughout the 'hood. Specifically the whole block we were on.

Thirty minutes later we are still sitting in the dark eating chips that we begged off of a busboy. Forty Five minutes later we realize that light and tacos just aren't going to happen. Dejectedly we leave, and then remember, hey, this is LA, we can get cheap tacos pretty much anywhere. And so we left, trucked like 2 blocks over and got in line at the new cheap taco place. Sure, we had to wait in a hallway by the bathrooms but it gave us a chance to take iPhone pictures and buy another pitcher of margaritas. Finally at close to 10, I got a taco. And friends, it was good.

Having now eaten our weight in tacos and chips, fatigued from our journey, we head back to Liz's house...only to realize that the power is out there as well. We stood outside and sighed, in sync. And then, no joke, the power came back on. The screaming and jumping up and down was mildly embarrassing and very loud. There was also an epic amount of arm flailing. However, we had many margaritas whilst waiting for tacos and so it didn't seem out of place, although, it did scare her cat.

The moral of this story I guess is that LA didn't want me to have tacos, but I stamped my little feet until I got them. And also, Liz and I can make the power come on through our contempt.


Chuck said...

LOL. Your antics never cease to amuse me. Who would think that going out for tacos would be so entertaining. One disturbing thing, I don't understand what you were taking pictures of outside the bathroom.

Also, you seem to be a fun drunk not an angry or sad drunk. Me, I'm a nudist drunk. I tend to want to take off my clothes, which usually scares off the locals....


Anonymous said...

I love tacos. I do 60 cent tacos at this college hangout on taco Tuesday at Hopkins in Md. It makes Tuesday fun.