Monday, July 06, 2009

The Weekend: A Recap

- In celebration of our country's birth many stores have sales (thanks America) I took advantage of said sales and bought myself a new mattress. I am now broke because I spent way too much on it even though it was roughly 70% off. So instead of going out I will now just invite people to spoon with me in my insanely comfortable bed. That's not awkward, right?

- Went to an awesome bbq on the 4th. There was an adorable 11 month old baby there who attached himself to my hip. He then also attached his hand to my boob. His mom kept trying to explain there was no milk in them there hills, but he didn't care. Most action I've gotten in months.

- At said bbq I discovered the 'beergarita'. It is a tasty treat.

- After 8 weeks off from the gym (thanks break up!) I went back. My legs are now on strike in protest. It's not pretty. But, I had to do it. I have been walking around in depressed state for far too long. So now I can walk around in a depressed state with really toned abs.

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Chuck said...

Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good. Anytime you are sad/upset you should go directly to the gym.


The only thing I feel after working out is sore....

Glad to see that you are beginning to recover the old you again. I am proud of you.