Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oh, Mom...No

So yesterday I received a friend request on Facebook from my mom's best friend, a woman who is like a 2nd mother to me. I debated for a few hours and then accepted.

Within minutes, really, seconds, I had a series of emails from her about pictures and status updates wondering what they meant or where they were taken. Then, the most ominous email yet: 'We need to get your mom on here!!!'


No. No, we don't.

Because then my status updates won't be able to be something from 4AM saying 'Meghan just made out with a 23 year old. Thanks vodka' and instead have to be something akin to 'Meghan is a responsible adult who is contemplating life and reading the Bible.' And really, no one needs that in their life. Especially me. And this is one of the many reasons why the internet is evil.


Samantha said...

i JUST went through this - simple solution - limit their access to your profile. if they ask why they can no longer see anything, you just tell them you want to keep some parts of your life private, nothing personal. then get over it.

Christina said...

The funny thing about Facebook and the Baby Boomers is that they really don't know how to use it and forget quickly that they have an account. My boomer lady boss and both my parents have Facebook accounts and they are on it rarely. Though, my Dad thoroughly enjoys your updates when he remembers to check his account (even the, ahem, not so sober ones) so it really would be a shame if you had to modify your updates.

Queen Lindsay said...

Omg, this is so funny but I'm not laughing too hard for fear that I'm next. If my father read my blog, he would say ten Hail Mary's and put me on the prayer list b/c he's a prayer soldier at church, you know. *Dear God, please do not let my father learn how to connect to the world wide web.*

Becky said...

My mom is on Facebook along with all my aunts, etc. I do have to censor... but at least my dad isn't on there yet. THAT would be terrible.