Monday, November 30, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear November,

Dude, you sucked. Sure you had some good times with the turkey and the gross overeating with all of the desserts. Those cookies rocked, November. Rocked it hard. However, the good times were vastly outweighed by the suck. Dear LORD the epic suck. Suck I haven't written about on my little blog because I didn't want internet strangers jumping off bridges on my behalf (and because writing about it would have made it real). I have somehow made it through the suck and am standing here a little more bitter, a little jaded and significantly more chubby due to your one banner day. If I could dance a jig of glee that you are over, November, I would. But I can't due to the leg pain. (Although the pictures were awesome, so kudus on that) Just know I am doing a jig in my head and it is wonderful and jaunty and has jazz hands.

Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out,


Chuck said...

How I heart your open letters.

I'm sorry November was a royal bitch to you. Or, I'm guessing, it was more of a bastard/asshole?

I hope December brings you lots of drunken joy with delicious treats that make you lose weight.

Regardless, ODD, you are still beautiful both inside and out. Remember that, always.


Dating in New York said...

hmm..hope December will be better for you.

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