Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Heat Wave

Mmm...melty. When one is living in Southern California during a heat wave, where should one go for a long weekend? Why, Arizona of course! In Arizona, where it's 110 in the shade, they tend to have central air. And pools. And pool side service wherein they bring you alcohol whilst you recover from your swim. I think I should have pool side service at all times in my life. Especially now when I am home and warm and craving something from the margarita family.

The weekend was great though. I had a massage and attempted to steal the masseuse and put her in my carry on. I also rediscovered the joys of room service. If I were to ever strike it rich or win the lottery I would so live in a hotel a la Dylan McKay (without the denim overalls though). To me there is nothing better in this world than eating breakfast in bed while wearing a hotel provided robe. It's heaven on earth. Especially if the room service man also brings mimosas.

Now I am back. Its 96 and I have a sun burn. I am ass white so as I spent more than 2 minutes in the sun, with SPF 45 on, I burst into flames. And there is no pool side service OR pool. I want to go back on vacation. Or to win the lottery.

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