Monday, September 10, 2007


That's me. I am a pure ball of stress. It's super awesome to be me and especially to be around me. I mostly want to crawl under the covers and emerge a few days later to find everything done, neatly and perfectly, and also some fresh baked cookies. I figure if you're dreaming you may as well dream big.

Due to the stress I am also sick again. Gasp! Shock! Dismay! I know, you are thinking to yourself, 'surely, you the healthiest person ever, can't be sick!' but alas, I have a cold. sniffle. It's brought on solely by lack of sleep, tension that could kill an ox, and the fact I am delicate like a flower. I am trying to get it all figured out, as I have a mild chronic health condition that leads to a slightly weakened immune system, and the medication I am on is supposed to help that. Ergo, I have to go to the doctor and angrily shake my pills while saying 'these little 'uns aren't a'workin' and also demanding Xanax because well, I enjoy it.

On the plus side, I now have water again. It was turned back on Friday afternoon and I was able to shower and then sadly, go to work. But, on the plus side I was able to have my party on Saturday and didn't have to force my guests to use the litter box. At the party I also had a s'mores station, and well, that plus running water equals heaven on earth. Now if I could just relax and eat said s'mores while someone else figures out my life (and goes to the gym for me) all would be right with the world. Fingers crossed.

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