Friday, September 07, 2007

Thing That is Awesome

This morning I woke up and got in the shower. And stood there. And stood there. And then realized...there was no water. After a quick search it became obvious the water in the apartment was off. I woke the boy up and made some hand gestures and gutteral noises to alert him to the issue (I'm a gem in the morning) and he called the water company. It was after this we found our neighbor who told us the water in the building was off until further notice because her closet was flooded the night before due to a leak in the upstairs neighbors bathroom. It should be fixed 'sometime today', which I realize means 'next Tuesday, if you're lucky'. So that's fun. Especially as well, I am supposed to be at work and also, having a party tomorrow. Perhaps I'll just ask everyone to wear Depends?

I feel I am responding to the situation accurately: I am sitting in my robe eating Nilla Wafers. I am also 'working for home', i.e. watching the Today Show and glancing at my Blackberry. I'm nothin' if I'm not responsible and classy.

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