Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things About Me

As blogging is in and of itself a narcassistic outlet, I figured to up that. Also, I am bored. Ergo my list of 100 things about me... (or as far as I get before I get distracted by something shiny).

1) I am allergic to tomatoes.
2) I don't eat anything from the sea.
3) Or any condiments. None. Including salad dressing.
4) If I ever get engaged I don't want a diamond ring, I think they are impractical and the diamond industry is evil.
5) I have been in love twice.
6) I am slightly obsessive compulsive.
7) I make lists and schedules for everything, including my life.
8) My goal for this year is to no longer make lists for my life and stop putting timelines on myself.
9) I have dislocated my kneecap 6 seperate times. It hurts equally each time.
10) My copy of '1000 Places to See Before You Die' is my most used book. It contains post its for where I want to go, and check marks for where I've been.
11) I believe Diet Sprite is a cure all for all diseases.
12) I fully believe in astrology. My grandma was an astrologist and did a reading for me at least once a month my entire life.
13) I am a double gemini with aries rising, ergo I like to talk and have a temper.
14) I am at all times in the middle of reading a book, usually more than one.
15) I am currently trying to work my way through the Time Magazines top 100 books of all times, some of them are very, very boring.
16) I started reading when I was 3.
17) I was a late, late bloomer and had only kissed 3 boys at the age of 21.
18) I applied to only one college, thinking I wouldn't get in and would just bum around Europe for a year. I got in and went.
19) In high school I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect I ended up with health problems that affect me to this day.
20) I have since given up the notion of being perfect.
21) In college I discovered drugs and alcohol. I liked it too much, so I stopped. When I was 23.
22) I have danced on bars in 3 countries.
23) I am incredibly critical of everybody (especially myself), it's something I am trying to work on.
24) My mom is the cleanest/tidiest person of all time. The only way I have ever rebelled (that she knows of) is by being messy.
25) As I am getting older my hair is getting darker, it used to be BLONDE and is now a dark blonde/light brown. This pisses me off.
26) I used to write fiction all the time but have had writer's block for over three years.
27) I don't really like what I do for a living, but I am really, really good at it.
28) I am completely tone deaf.
29) I sing loudly along with the radio when on car trips, I am sure this is annoying but I can't help myself.
30) When I was 12 I decided to pierce my own belly button with a safety pin. The ring ripped out at a swim party and now I have a nasty scar.
31) I was once very overweight, as such it's affected the way I view myself. I call this 'Fat Girl Hangover'
32) I have a mole on my face that I hate.
33) I am partially deaf in my left ear which was caused when my ear drum ruptured mid flight when I was 8.
34) I was in a near plane crash at the age of 20. The engines went on the plane and kicked back in just in time.
35) I am really scared of flying now.
36) I was .25 miles away from the towers when they fell.
37) I miss living in New York but I don't think I am ready to move back yet, if ever.
38) I secretly really like LA.
39) My eyes change colors, they are either blue or dark green.
40) I have a tattoo on the small of my back, aka a tramp stamp. I got it when I was 18.
41) I have been in 1 car accident. My car was hit by a cab trying to pick up a customer on 57th and Lex.
42) I talk to my mom every day on my way home from work.
43) I once stayed up until 4AM to watch a water polo match featuring Croatia.
44) I have a girl crush on Amy Sedaris.
45) I can't roll my R's, neither can my mom or brother, damn recessive genes.
46) I can't roll my tongue either.
47) When I was 3 I told my grandma that she and I had been sisters in Russia and told her how we died, she told this story to everyone and sometimes when I would leave her house she'd squeeze my arm and ask me if I remembered more. I didn't.
48) I have a scar on my left knee from when I fell of my bike and skided down the road on just my knee. I was 11.
49) I have always been a klutz.
50) Until college I had to sleep with the closet closed or I couldn't sleep. This was secretly because I had decided at age 7 that Freddy Krueger lived in my closet.

Enough for now, maybe more later.

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Mel said...

my eyes turn from green to blue too!

AND, even stranger, i just finished a "100 things you may or may not know about me" multi-post on my blog too. good times.

here's one for ya that nobody every believes: i've never done any drugs. any. not a cigarette, no pot, pills or needles. i didnt drink til i was 21. yes, i'm pretty much a goody goody :)