Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Skill and Grace

Today I was wearing a new fancy shirt that had a tie in the back. It came a little loose so I went in the bathroom so I could look in the mirror while I retied it. When I finished tying the bow I turned to walk through the door. Only, it wasn't a door. It was a mirrored wall reflecting the door. I full on body slammed the mirror. It hurt.

Atfer I body checked the wall I immediately went 'Whoa...Whoopsie' because I am 87, and that's my vernacular. If that weren't bad enough people in the stalls started to giggle then full out laugh. You know when you are a winner when you are standing there, rubbing your forehead which has an awesome red mark, and people you don't know are laughing at you whilst they pee. I had to debate whether to make a run for it before they could find out who I was or to wipe off the nose print I had left on the mirror. I chose to make a break for it.

Today, before and after the mirror incident, my body hurts. I chose to do some yoga yesterday and popped in a new DVD. Apparently this DVD was yoga for sadists. Generally speaking yoga relaxes the muscles and helps stretch out the kinks. This did not. It was also bizarre as they wanted me to put my arms out and spin around in a circle for a few minutes. Um...no? Not only did I stop doing that when I was around 8, but I don't like to do that in enclosed areas as well, I will break things. And, it was weird. The rest of it however was standard yoga just on crack. So, I can't really move. Or breathe normally. Or sit without pain.

All in all, an awesome day.


Lady Player said...

Reminds me of the line in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant says "Whoops-a-daisies" and Julia Roberts makes fun of him. :)

Gnat of Glass said...

HA, killing me softly.


voodoogemini said...

this is fun: make yourself a martini, station a bowl of icing on the coffee table, put on your pajamas, curl up on the couch and then press play. vodka and a ridiculous, unhealthy sugar high make watching other people exercise... awesome.
oh, and invite me. I'll bring cigarettes.

ashley said...

just so you know, i'm extremely happy you started blogging again. not that i've read you blog for a long time, actually i stumbled across it tonight and started at the back after reading a few entries.

this entry made me bust out laughing. i mean full on belly laugh tears running down my face i'm laughing so hard i can't breathe laughing. oh yeah and did i mention it's 3:22 AM here?

i pretty much rule. oh yeah, and now my parents probably think i'm crazing cause i'm randomly laughing at that time in the morning.