Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Bear: A Recap

The first night there I slept an hour. One. Uno. I did not like this. On the way there we made amazing time. However, once we reached the mountain we sat parked for almost 2 hours to go through the snow chains check point. We reached the house around 1 AM and settled into our blow up mattress bed about an hour later. Only, we couldn't sleep. And then, the bed slowly deflated. The boy attempted to cuddle but I had to push him back to his side to balance out the air. By the end of the evening however we were smooshed together in a V with either side of the mattress straight up in the air. Mmmm relaxing.

The boy, God bless, went snowboarding. My friend and I then decided to go tubing. We showed up at the tubing center and it was us...and 100 children. We of course elbowed them out of the way, we are kind and generous that way. We also discovered that if you go down the hill two at a time you achieve warp speed, I recommend this highly.

That night everyone who was staying in the house, all 20 of us, had dinner and drank. Classy style.

There was sadly no drunk blogging due to exhaustion. And drunkeness. It's an excellent combination I assure you. It causes one to stage a photo shoot with the small wooden bear statue in the cabin's living room.

And now, I leave you with this blustery photograph from the trip home today in the snow and rain. I need to go pass out because if not I may die. Or lose my mind. One of the two.


Chuck said...

Sounds like a good time. Glad you had fun!!!


Dora said...

Too bad there was no drunken blogging, but it is so understandable. Exhaustion kinda has that effect!!
Glad you had a good weekend!