Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Tonight I was due to go to Mortified but as it was all shades of sold out I instead had to go to the dinner which involved the wine. Then Ms. Liz and I went shopping and took photographs of ourselves around The Grove in gigantic bug sunglasses. In bug sunglasses I look like an anime character who is shockingly pale and awkward. It's quite the look, I assure you. We took pictures of me in giant sunglasses posing like a ninja and although the sunglass cart man was not pleased, it was well worth it. We also bought expensive underwear and justified it due to drunkeness. This is the best justification for expensive purchases and I use it often. It's why Amex loves me like a fat kid loves cake.

It's nights like these that make a Wednesday bearable.

My job is still trying to kill me and I would like to ask that it stop. Or if said job would like to kill me at least do so with a higher salary so I can again justify purchases of large amounts of frilly girly items. Or shoes. Or a pony.
And now a picture of one of my cats because I am drunk and it makes me laugh...

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emmms said...

I need to go drunk shopping. You and Liz have convinced me of this. I've already got at least half of the mission sorted: best friend now living in London? Check! More free time for shopping? Check! Brand new credit card? Hehehe.

All I need now are a few cocktails and a travelcard and I'm good to go.