Monday, January 07, 2008

Vegas Bound

I am headed to Vegas for work. I do not like Vegas, Sam I am. I am a really horrible gambler. Not horrible as in I have a problem but horrible as in I am so bad a dealer once told me 'you should not do this, you'd be better off putting your money in the toilet and flushing'.

Also, I jut got home. My bags are still packed from Christmas because, well, let's face it I am busy and lazy. I would like to stay put and hang out with the cats. You know, party hard core. But no. I have to go to Sin City and pretend to have fun. Whee. Can you feel the enthusiasm?

(Yes, I realize I am lame and should be excited about Vegas. I however am not, relish the lameness, and crave staying at home and watching old movies and pretending there is no outside. Hermit. Get the sensation.)


liz said...

Paula & I take offense to the Plastic People comment. We are one martini away from taking away your "LA card" and exiling you back to the tundra!! Love you. Be good in Vegas (And by that, I mean don't be good in Vegas).

Melek said...

i hate vegas too, and i'm a good gambler. i jsut dont like all the bright lights and noise and smoke...and hookers.