Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Consistantly Awkward

I am, in general, awkward. I talk with my hands and mime things and then basically moonwalk out of people's offices. It's a skill being this awkward, truly. One of the best things I do involves the phone. I am used to talking to my mom and the boy and ending each call with 'love you, bye'. As such, this is become secondhand to me, something that at times I don't even realize I'm doing. This is how I have come to tell a few of my coworkers that I love them.

My office isn't very phone friendly, everything is done via email or in person, so the phone rarely rings. When it does, it's generally something I don't have to pay full attention to, so I am emailing or staring at something shiny and respond with a full heared 'uh huh' when there's a pause. Ergo, my mind wanders and I fall into my secondhand trap. Sometimes, I catch myself. It goes like this 'Ok, thanks, lo---ok at that email, gotta go'. Or 'Ok, thanks, love...those pants you wore. Where'd you get them?' It's super smooth. It really adds to the overall charm that is me. Today I told one of our creative guys that I love...his shoes. I think he's catching on to my slip ups as the two times it's happened have been with him. He laughed quietly and hung up, but I am sure tonight he went home to his boyfriend and laughed about the girl in his office who keeps professing her love.

Good times.

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