Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vegas: A Recap

- Drank many, many glasses of champagne
- Room service = salvation
- Trade Shows = 7th Circle of Hell

I handed out free bags for 2.5 days at said trade show. By the end I was curled up in a ball behind our booth, rocking back and forth. I am neither nice nor perky and was forced to be both for days on end. This is not humane. I do not like people and do not like speaking to them. Especially when said people are sketchy old men who stare at my breasts and ask if I am staying in town for Adult Video Awards. No, no I am not. Please take your beer and move away quickly or you're getting kicked, old man.

After leaving the trade show I RAN across Vegas and made it to my flight by 1 minute. No exaggeration. I arrived 46 minutes before my flight took off. I arrived on the plane sweaty, exhausted and bruised from my insane carry on. But, I made it and didn't have to spend extra time in Vegas for which I am eternally grateful. I almost kissed the ground at LAX upon arrival, but again, I am not that nice.

I planned on spending the weekend locked inside my apartment and pretending the rest of the world didn't exist. However I have been lured outside on several occasions. What has the power to do this? Tequila. In copious amounts. God bless you LA.

Quotes from the weekend:

Liz "I don't like science, because,'s kind of a downer"
Consulting Girl (you remember her, right?) "I used to like Law and Order SVU when it was all about pedophiles, because, like, I don't have a kid"

I heart my friends.


Chuck said...

Glad to hear your back home.

Say Hi to Consulting Girl for me.

gamerbri said...

LOL CES what a great time to be in vegas. I now know why I don't go anymore. sorry you had to go trough that. It sucks big time.