Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Swing of Things

The first day back after vacation should be nationally instituted as a maximum of 4 hours long. As the day feels roughly 29 hours in length, I feel it's only fair.

(Non existing segue) My New Years was awesome. For the first time, roughly ever, I had fun. There were no expectations other than 'we will eat food, and that food will be good....we will also wear pajamas because pajamas are awesome'. That is New Year's plan I can get behind. My friend's boyfriend is an ex chef and by the end of the 6, count them 6 courses of fantastic-ness, I was laying on the floor bemoaning my overly full state and trying to use telekinesis to move the champagne bottle from the table and into my mouth. It didn't work but I somehow managed to crawl to it and drink. Thus making it the classiest New Year's in the history of man kind. Also the tastiest. And full of 70's funk. Let's just say if you haven't watched the 70's Saturday Spectacular on DVD, well, you are missing out my friend as there are tight pants and chest hair displays that will make you weep with pride that you are an American.

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mv said...

you know, in Colombia there is a medical illness that refers to the post-vacation depression at work. you get days off and free therapy (or so i'm told)...sign me up