Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday I woke up happy. I woke up happy because from 7:15 until roughly 8:30 I thought it was Friday. It was not. I even rocked out to Journey on my way to work, welcoming in the weekend in the proper way. It wasn't until I was pulling into my office that my heart broke into a thousand pieces and I realized it was in fact only Wednesday. Stupid brain.

Last night I covered up my Only Wednesday pain and went to Mortified (hyperlinks are oddly broken but it's on my blog roll). There are occasionally moments so funny I have to share them with you, internet people. This girl was reading her journal from age 13 when she uncovered this gem: I saw the smallest man ever today. At first, from far away, I thought he was a monkey. Then he started speaking in spanish and I thought, wow, that's a really smart fucking monkey.

Yeah. Take that in for a moment. And then giggle for the next day or so while muttering what may become my new catch phrase 'that's a really smart fucking monkey'. It's what I planning on doing all day today, yet another day that is not Friday.

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