Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sometimes I Find Myself Funny

Today I had to fill out the information sheet for my ten year high school reunion. I took great pleasure in my answers which are probably not what they expected. I am not sure if anyone in my small town, very conservative graduating class will get the joke but when I read them to my mom she laughed so hard a little pee came out (or so she claimed).

If you could relive one moment from high school, what would it be?
I was fat and had bangs, so none, thanks!

What are your current hobbies and interests?
I spend a lot of time alone with my cats, drunk. I chase after unavailable and uninterested men and then talk to my therapist about it. Sometimes I go out to dinner.

Now, I don't know why but the sometimes I go out to dinner line makes me giggle a lot. And I think it'll look good next to everyone else's answers which I fully expect to be 'go to church and take care of my 18 babies'. I'm a classy girl.


kel said...

Nothing screams class like drunk evenings alone with your cats. This is very funny!

Chuck said...

LOL. You should change your blog title to "Adventures with Vodka" or "The Box Wine Chronicles"

I didn't go to my high school reunion. I didn't like the people then so I probably won't like them now.

I hope you have fun!!


Anonymous said...

following Chuck's line of thought I think you and Liz should collaborate on a blog called "Adventures with Vodka" that would be awesome.

Summer said...

Just visited your blog for the first time and I love it! I'm a single gal living alone with my cat too. It sounds bad when I just come right out and say it that way...but I think it is pretty awesome. Funny enough I recently wrote about my 10 year reunion too. Anyway, in the sea of mommy bloggers, it is nice to run across another single woman blogger!